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Types Off Pressure Washers

Considering a power pressure washer? In a word, just do it.

A powered pressure washer makes short work of many tedious and mundane tasks. It can even make them enjoyable. Who can resist playing with a high pressure nozzle and washer water hose? Takes me back to my childhood playing with the garden hose.

Aside from price and style, pressure washers are usually rated based on three specifications which are pounds per square inch, gallons per minute and cleaning units. There are four critical elements for a successful operation of a power washer.

They are:

1.    Water pressure
2.    The cleaning solution
3.    Water flow rate
4.    Heat or steam

These washer specifications can help you choose between the two major types of pressure washers, an electric pressure washer or a gas pressure washer. Both are suitable for tasks around the house such as pressure washing asphalt, patio, pool, lawn equipment and other items that require general cleanup. There are more specialized power cleaners available such as a steam pressure washer, a pressure washer surface cleaner, or a hot pressure washer.

Electric power washer

Electric pressure washers are usually the quietest. They can also be more flexible, since they can work with different power supplies such as 110 V or single phase. It is also lighter pressure washers since it does not carry liquid. It is great to use around the house, as it eliminates the risk of gas leaks and fumes.

Gas power washer

Gas power washers are recommended for home and industrial use. These offer more power and strength than electric washers, and can therefore handle tougher jobs. You may use it to strip paint or to side wood with the appropriate nozzles and wands.

Steam pressure washer

Steam pressure washers employs hot steam to achieve maximum cleanliness and disinfection. Tough cleaning jobs that involve stain removal or hard debris that is very difficult to loosen would be able to come off more easily with the use of a steam pressure washer.

Hot pressure washer

Hot pressure washers are effective tools in cleaning surfaces, especially those that get stained with oil and grease. Although other pressure washers are able to perform the job of cleaning surfaces by taking advantage of strong pressure, a hot pressure washer escalates the cleaning abilities of a washer by also removing stains and possible bacteria that go with them by the use of hot water and the pressure combined.

Pressure washer surface cleaner

Pressure surface cleaners do not operate by projecting water over distance. It has a circular  cleaning head usually from 12” to 30” wide and ‘floats’ or hovers over the surface almost like a floor polisher. A stainless steel surface cleaner, designed to specifically clean tough surfaces, is highly effective in removing, algae, mass, oil, fuel and grease from boat ramps, drive through pads, roofs, tennis courts, pools, walkways, decks, semi trailer floors, factory floors, loading docks and fishing docks.